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Maxil Technology is a leading provider of innovative Information Technology solutions and services. Backed by a strong and dedicated team of technology professionals with extensive domain knowledge in many verticals. Maxil today is considered to be one of America’s leading information technology and knowledge process outsourcing organizations.


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Maxil Technology Solutions Inc. provides information technology staffing services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies, small to medium businesses (SMB) and government organizations to help them facilitate their business processes. Leveraging our unique approach and disciplined delivery, we focus on delivering the right business results on time and on budget — working with clients driven to make a difference.

 for the impact we achieve

 our commitment to their success

 the straightforward and collaborative way in which we work with them




Vertical specialization is fast becoming a market requirement and crucial to market success. More and more companies are facing an acute shortage of manpower that possesses specialized expertise and deep knowledge in specific fields of work. It is in these prevailing circumstances that we prove decisive. Whether you need resources on your site, on our site, or offshore, our Multi-site® experience proves we have the capabilities to assist you.

Application Development

Connecting people, processes, and information for increased productivity and more informed business decisions.


Maxil brings extensive knowledge and best practices around improving application development productivity and effectiveness. We accelerate organizational maturity at all levels, with proven techniques that focus on improving process, building staff competencies and expanding knowledge capital, with specific areas of focus at each level of maturity defined by the CMMI®.


Maxil has a well-defined and mature application development process which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the delivery teams spread across the globe. Each of the development phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked with the web based tools which can be used by our customers.


Our application development methodology can be used for:


  • New application development
  • Existing application enhancement
  • Application consolidation
  • Application migration


Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to:


  • Use global delivery model for application development
  • Knowledge acquisition and retention
  • Use our matrix organization structure for using the required expertise
  • Track the SLAs norms using web tools which are transparent even to our customers
  • Focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs


Technical Resources

What is the lowest cost, lowest risk way to support my fluctuating IT demand?


Do I have the right resources to achieve the expected results?


These are the two questions most successful IT leaders ask when shaping their workforce strategies. The answers provide insight into how internal expertise should be harnessed and makes clear where external talent is needed to get the best business results as quickly and cost effectively as possible. When you need external talent on a temporary basis, we have you covered. Our clients rely on us to support the full spectrum of talent acquisition models—from centralized programs managed by VMS/MSPs to decentralized programs led by hiring managers.


We have more than two decades of experience providing any combination of contingent-only, contingent-to-hire and direct placement services to help you:

  • Gain on-demand access to exceptional people
  • Reduce your management burden by providing performance management and assignment completion
  • Lower employment law exposure

Our success in the IT marketplace has allowed us to develop a large pool of IT talent and experienced recruiters, which gives us the ability to provide rapid response of highly qualified resources to our clients.


Let us help you get the exceptional people you need and achieve the outcomes you expect


'Maxil' is a leading provider of I.T. Solutions & Services

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